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Dental Office Remodeling Done Right

//Dental Office Remodeling Done Right

Dental Office Remodeling Done Right

When improving dental office remodeling, you need to look at both sides of your business: clinical and administrative. It is the dental designer’s job to assess your space and achieve the optimum balance between the two. Proper dental design offers major benefits to the overall success of your dental practice. Listed below are some of the key tips for getting the most out of your Dental Office Remodeling.

  • How to Get Started Dental Office Remodeling

    First, define your project by generating a list of the wants and needs for your new space. Think about yourself, other dentists, staff, and current/ potential patients when compiling this list. Also consider the goals of your practice, why are you remodeling? Are you planning to introduce new services? Bring in a new type of patients? Show your team your appreciation? Each of these goals will have a different impact on design concepts and budgets.

    If you Lease Your Space:

    Before planning an extensive Dental Office Remodeling, check your lease and make sure it is not expiring within the next 2 years. If it is expiring sooner than 2018, please focus on negotiating your lease first (your landlord may add in few dollars for repairs) before planning a remodeling project.

Dental Office Remodeling Done Right ⋆ Siegel Construction
Dental Office Remodeling Done Right ⋆ Siegel Construction
  • Select a Designer

    Specific expertise is required in the field of dental space planning, interior design, and construction. Your sister’s best friend may be a great interior designer, but they have no knowledge of the requirements of your practice. By hiring a company who specializes in dental construction and design, you are saving money because they understand your business and equipment needs now and in the future.

    Example: During one of our design sessions, the Dentist asked that the chair is placed in the exact center of the room. After configuring the room with the new chair placement, we learned that the center of the room was not in the center of the designed cabinet. Wanting the room to look cohesive, the cabinet was redesigned to fall into line with the room’s center, and the dental chair

  • Minimizing Practice Disruption

    We understand that this business is your life and you cannot afford to shut it down for weeks while it’s being renovated. A good team of designer, contractor can help you plan shutdowns and help you avoid costly disruptions to your schedule. The most prudent approach for Dental Office Remodeling is the “off-hours” concept in which crews’ only work when your office is closed. Also, construction work is usually confined to one or two rooms at a time, meaning you can continue your practice while the renovation is happening

  • Reusing Equipment

    While reusing your existing equipment may seem like the easiest way to save money on your renovation, consider a partial upgrade, such as reusing your existing chair, but upgrading cabinets or mechanical systems. From our years of experience, we highly recommend replacing air compressor and/or vacuum units depending on the age of the equipment. If one fails you are stuck for an entire day waiting for tech assistance/a new part to arrive. If your budget permits, then by all means compliment your newly remodeled office with the most efficient chair and delivery system. Not only will staff productivity and morale improve, but also your patients will be reassured by your investment in their comfort and safety.

  • Inexpensive, Cosmetic Office Improvements

    Walls: If your office is paneled (and probably dark), then covering over it with new drywall and a fresh coat of paint will make a major difference in the overall appearance of space.

    Flooring: Our team is a huge advocate of using carpet tiles and vinyl planks for quick, cost effective flooring changes. New carpet tile in high traffic areas like the seating area and hallways and bright vinyl in the operating rooms, labs, and restrooms make a notable difference in the look and feel of the space.

    Lighting: dated fixtures can be replaced with new fluorescent units, which improve the ambient lighting. The cost of new light fixtures varies from $60/piece to $120/piece and adds labor of $80 per unit. We highly suggest replacing lights in every area where patients can see.

Dental Office Remodeling Done Right ⋆ Siegel Construction
Dental Office Remodeling Done Right ⋆ Siegel Construction
  • Improving Patient Flow

    The path taken by patients through your office is key to optimum dental office planning. Think carefully about the traffic patterns of everyone that enters your office from staff to patients and their friends and family members.

  • Improving Patient Comfort

    Patient comfort is a concern in both the seating and dental examination areas. Comfortable seating is very important, as well as an environment in the seating area that is aesthetically pleasing. In the dental examination areas, distracting the patient from the sounds and odors associated with the dental profession will contribute significantly to their level of comfort.

  • Improve Staff Productivity

    Referring back to section 1, adding staff goals to your list is imperative. In offices with the largest emphasis on patient experience and no accommodations for your staff, you are bound to see a decrease in morale and overall productivity. Even though your practice may be functioning fine for now, a more efficient dental office design and new, comfortable accommodations for your employees will reduce overall wasted time and money.

  • Elements of the Ideal Reception Area

    An experienced dental construction company knows how to configure a reception area that makes patients feel comfortable while allowing for maximum productivity for staff. Examples include not facing the receptionist directly towards the waiting patients and separating the check-in and checkout areas of the office, and placing bathroom door entrance away from the seating area (avoiding the awkward “hello” when you walk out of the bathroom).

  • Maximizing Office Space

    Most dental clients do not want to move their offices, but they do want additional space. The challenge is to redesign the existing areas to achieve maximum space utilization. Although dental offices never seem to have enough storage space, solutions to address this can be quick, easy and inexpensive.

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