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Why Use Siegel?

Siegel Construction Is a far more than a typical construction company. We provide you with solutions to creating a simpler, more efficient and well designed medical or dental practice, delivered on time and within your budget while never losing the quality of the service.

We insure innovative, creative, state of the art designs in combination with excellent engineering to make your vision a reality. While construction may be an unfamiliar process to some, Siegel will guide you through from pre-construction development to implementation with seamless execution.


Our successes within the medical and dental industry are marked by consistent, and most importantly, measurable results leaving our customers satisfied from start to finish.

Dental office construction - Siegel Construction. Commercial, Medical & Dental Office Design & Build Expert

Focus on Commercial, Medical & Dental

Our Specialty is commercial, medical  design and construction. Siegel Construction posses an entirely innovative and efficient way of doing medical construction. With our carefully contrived processes, we help our clients navigate through the often complicated and tedious pre-construction process. By offering an array of exceptional services such as layout blocking and interior design concepts presented in a 3-dimensional format, we allow you to envision your future practice directly out of our showroom before the start of construction. With a plethora of “best-in-class” competitive, economical, and readily in-stock materials, our highly qualified design team and engineers will assist you in bringing your vision to a reality.

Commercial office construction - Siegel Construction. Commercial, Medical & Dental Office Design & Build Expert


Our goal is to make your dream a reality in the most economical, efficient, and unique fashion. Project finish materials are selected early on in our showroom and ordered the first week of construction to avoid any potential delays. From concept to completion, we guarantee a finished product in a fast track schedule where most of the projects are completed in less than 60 days. Through the use of 3D modeling, we reduce any confusion to achieve clear understanding on the part of all our team members. In turn, we are able to minimize the number of change orders allowing your project to be completed in a very timely fashion. In addition to this, through our use of a web based project management system, we allow our customers to easily keep track of their project twenty four hours a day, seven days a week by simply logging into our website.

Dental clinics interior design - Siegel Construction. Commercial, Medical & Dental Office Design & Build Expert


No one handles communication between clients, contractors and subcontractors better than we do. We realize the importance of communication and understand the great role effective communication plays in the success of all projects. For this reason, we guarantee our clients that they will be informed at each step of the way.

Siegel Construction. Commercial, Medical & Dental Office Design & Build Expert

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