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Siegel Construction – Commercial, Medical And Dental Office Design & Build Experts

“Are you as excited to build your dream office as we are?”

Siegel Construction is a technology-driven design and construction company that specializes in commercial, medical and dental facilities. We have honed our expertise in this field through uncompromising attention to detail and delivery of results. Careful planning and ample experience building offices around the Chicagoland area allow Siegel to optimize our costs and timelines to meet your budget and schedule.

The other side of Siegel Construction is our commitment to client partnership. At Siegel, we provide complete transparency and communication with our clients at every phase of the project including grand openings.

Siegel Construction - Chicago Commercial, Medical & Dental Design - Build Experts

Our Clients

Why Use Siegel?

We Use the Right Tools For The Right Solution. Every Time

To design and build the practice of your (doctor) dreams, through collaboration, innovation, creative thinking, quality execution and excellent customer service.

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Siegel Construction posses an entirely innovative and efficient way of doing medical construction. With our carefully contrived processes, we help our clients navigate through the often complicated and tedious pre-construction process.


No one handles communication between doctors, contractors and subcontractors better than we do. We realize the importance of communication and understand the great role effective communication plays in the success of all projects.


Our goal is to make your dream a reality in the most efficient, and unique fashion. From concept to completion, we guarantee a finished product in a fast track schedule where most of the projects are completed in less than 60 days.

You Can Make Money without Doing Evil


  • Great Just Isn’t Good Enough

    [/fusion_text]We are Excellence Fanatics – our passion is building beautiful, functional healthcare facilities. We study excellence and continually upgrade our technical and human skills to deliver excellence in everything we do for our clients and partners.

  • We Are a High-Performance Organization

    [/fusion_text]We deliver premium service, experience and quality to our clients. We are known as the best, the experts and more is expected of us.

  • Be Ever Evolving

    [/fusion_text]As a high-performance organization, we invest in team members’ continuous growth through personal and professional development.

  • We Focus on the Your Needs and All Else Will Follow

    [/fusion_text]We create a remarkable experience for every client every time and continuously seek ways to improve, make each experience special and exceed expectations.

Siegel Construction - Chicago Commercial, Medical & Dental Design - Build Experts
Siegel Construction - Chicago Commercial, Medical & Dental Design - Build Experts
  • Integrity & Trust Is Everything

    Before proposing options to each client, we challenge ourselves by asking, “Which options would I recommend the person closest to me if they were buying my services.”
  • Deliver “Wow” Thru Passion & Service

    We do not make promises we can’t deliver on.

  • We Are a Team

    We don’t walk; we rush to help our teammates. We resolve conflicts promptly and with utmost courtesy. We are untied and do things together. Our individual success depends on success of the entire team

  • We Are Proactive

    We use minutes of down time to learn, grow or do more for the team.

  • We Exist For the Community

    We regularly participate and create community events for our clients and partners.

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Some Words From Our Clients

I am writing this letter to express my satisfaction in working with you and Siegel Construction. The experience and knowledge that your firm brought to the project was invaluable.In your role as construction manager, you exhibited a team approach and worker efficiently to solve many of the issues that this project encountered. Your team was flexible and understanding in accommodating changes that were made to facilitate the construction, and we appreciate all the effort you put forth.
Throughout the project, it constantly amazed me how all deadlines were met, regardless of the many complications that were uncovered. It was a pleasure to work with an honest and decent contractor like yourself.
“Your genuine willingness to listen to our concerns and feedback was central to keeping misunderstandings and confusion at bay. Your pro-active approach to interface with our suppliers for dental equipment, signage, cabinetry and IT early in the design phase ensured that nothing fell through the cracks. And when unforeseen problems did arise – like the HVAC issue with the landlord – the built-in benefits of your proposal combined with a willingness to solve the issue at hand made for easy resolutions.”
Dr. Sukhjinder Thind, DDS, Definite Dental Solutions
I needed to move in fast and trust my construction team to get the work done on time and well…The Siegel Team worked evenings and around the clock to get the project done. I thank the Siegel Team for allowing me to maintain my other business, family time, and sanity during the process.
Dr. Scott D. Goldman, DDS, Pediatric & Family Dental
“Long story short, Siegel Construction absolutely delivered! Due date was October 15th, we started seeing patients on October 19th. No issues with any inspections whatsoever…We wanted to have an attractive office where everybody would feel invited, and we got it!”
Dr. Olga Thurman, DDS & Dr. Nataliya Korniychuk, DMD, Dental On 45th

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